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Clean Eatz Healthy Catering

Clean Eatz Healthy Catering

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Choose Healthy Food for Your Next Catered Event!

  • Clean Eatz offers a variety of healthy, good-for-you catering options at affordable prices.
  • We’ve got it all: Boxed lunches, wraps, bowls, salads, sides and snacks, plus drinks!
  • Let us take care of everything, and you can feel good about what you’re eating.
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Clean Eatz wraps

Clean Eatz Catering offers healthy food options. Visit our restaurant for more details.
About Clean Eatz
Our Mission
Provide a positive, welcoming, friendly, comfortable, non-judgmental and motivating environment for everyone. Provide guidance for living a healthier life by making healthier fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Provide customers with accountability and support to reach individual goals. Provide educational tools to accommodate each person’s lifestyle needs. Provide a menu that accommodates all levels of clean eaters.
What Is Clean Eating?
Eating as many of the healthiest options in each of the food groups while also limiting the not-so-healthy options. This means embracing whole, natural eatz like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins and fats. It also means cutting back on refined grains, added sugars, salt and unhealthy fats.
We Feed Different Lifestyles
  • Customizable Meal Plans: For the strict eaters, we offer a full range of options at
  • Grab ‘N’ Go Options: Pick up a Low Carb, Vegetarian, Extra Protein or Basic meal in our Grab ‘N’ Go freezers.
  • Family Meals: Because all ages need to eat clean, we’ve created a lineup to satisfy your entire pack.
Our Ingredients
Clean Eatz sources its ingredients only from suppliers that are bonded, insured, and that have protocols in place to ensure the safety of our customers. Our stand is to provide our customers with the best products that we can. Some of our products are organic, grass-fed, or all natural. However, utilizing only these ingredients would increase the cost of our eatz by 25-40%, deterring many who wish to eat healthier and distracting them from the main goal of making healthier choices.